Schools interested in participating in the K-12 Innovation Partnership and Innovation Inventory must develop a proposal and submit it to the Innovation Partnership Working Group (IPWG) at The detailed proposal guidelines are available online at
If you want to be considered for the second intake, the proposal deadline is Monday, November 16, 2015. The IPWG is committed to a continuous submission process; however, only those received on or before the deadline will be considered for the next intake.
Yes, the IPWG is committed to a continuous submission process. Schools are encouraged to work on their proposals and submit them when they are ready. If the intake period has passed, your proposal will be considered when the IPWG announces their next intake.
We want schools to have the opportunity to update previous submissions or consider sending in new proposals for each intake. Additionally, submission guidelines may change between intakes based on lessons learned. We ask that schools interested in having the IPWG review a previously submitted proposal review the current guidelines and submission requirements to ensure the proposal format and content aligns with current requirements, ensure there are no changes required to the sign-off sheet that would prompt a new approval process (i.e. no change in Principal or Union representatives). Once confirmed that no changes are required, please send an email to to advise us that you wish to be considered for the new intake, and identify which proposal you wish to resubmit.
All public and independent schools in B.C. are invited to submit proposals for the Innovation Partnership and Innovation Inventory. The IPWG will consider submissions from individual schools, school districts or independent school authorities. Proposals may also come from groups of schools within or amongst districts committed to working collaboratively to improve student learning.

Initiatives undertaken by individual teachers for projects that affect only their classrooms are not eligible to submit a proposal.

Both the Innovation Partnership and Innovation Inventory are open to all K-12 schools in B.C.

All demonstrations of innovative teaching and learning are eligible to be part of the Innovation Inventory.

Initiatives being submitted for the Innovation Partnership should address the following (if applicable):

  • How the whole school is supporting the innovation;
  • Willingness to partner with post-secondary research teams;
  • Demonstrated willingness to take risks, learn from experiences;
  • Include community, inside and outside of the school;
  • Regrouping of students, regrouping of educators or rescheduling of time;
  • Diversity of students, voices, and perspectives;
  • Integration of a B.C. Aboriginal perspectives;
  • Student ownership of learning; and,
  • Collaborative professional learning.

Yes. The IPWG recognizes that proposals take time to develop; however, the Innovation Inventory and Innovation Partnership have different purposes and submission criteria.

We also recognize that schools are at varying levels of readiness to share their innovative programs and practices, so two separate opportunities were developed to ensure those not yet ready to apply for the partnership – and those who do not want to participate in the partnership – can still showcase their work in the inventory.

There is no pre-determined number of participants. The IPWG will review proposals on file after each intake date and make participation approval decisions.

Schools will be evaluated based on their innovation proposal only; the district they are in will not be a factor. The IPWG encourages all districts and independent school authorities to submit proposals in either the inventory or partnership categories, to ensure they truly reflect the K-12 sector across B.C.

The amount of support to defray the costs associated with the partnership will depend on the needs identified in your proposal and budget availability. Not all proposals will need monetary support, they may instead need other supports like potential exemptions from policy or regulations, or additional research supports from a post-secondary partner.

The IPWG will be reviewing the proposals and making participation decisions. The IPWG consists of the following education partner groups:

  • BC Teachers’ Federation,
  • BC School Superintendents Association,
  • BC Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association,
  • Federation of Independent School Associations of BC, and
  • Ministry of Education.

The Innovation Partnership Working Group (IPWG) was established to work on behalf of the K-12 education system as stewards of the K-12 Innovation Strategy. The IPWG leads the day-to-day operations of the partnership, including the identification of participating schools, managing supports, and providing operational advice and direction.
Each initiative has guidelines that must be met before the IPWG will accept your innovation in either the inventory or partnership. Please make sure you review the guidelines prior to submitting your innovation.

Schools accepted into the Innovation Partnership will have access to a number of supports and opportunities, including:

  • Connection with a post-secondary research project.
  • Engagement with likeminded schools/districts doing similar work.
  • Sharing of your school’s story with the rest of the province.
  • Possible exemption to policy /regulation.
  • Resources to help defray the costs associated with research connections, travel, etc.

Innovation may require stepping outside of the current regulations and policies that the Ministry of Education has in place for the K-12 education system. A school, district or independent school authority may apply to have a regulation or policy waived for a specific period of time in order to have more latitude to implement an innovative practice.

For example, you may wish to implement a different reporting structure for students, or look at assessment alternatives.

Your proposal should make reference to the regulation(s) or policies that may need to be waived; this would require further discussion with the Ministry of Education should you be selected into the Innovation Partnership.

Proposals cannot seek waivers or exemptions for terms negotiated through applicable collective agreements, as neither the IPWG nor the Ministry of Education have authority to waive provisions of the agreements in place.

Expectations of schools participating in the Innovation Partnership include:

  • Participating in action research and collaborative inquiry.
  • Enabling educators to participate in the provincial Innovation Partnership through collaborative involvement.
  • Participating in focus groups on personalized learning.
  • Participating in shared learning experience through visitation of other Innovation Partnership schools.
  • Welcoming other schools and government representatives to observe and learn from your innovation.
  • Communicating the schools’ innovation.
  • Advocating for learning transformation and personalized learning.

The duration of the Innovation Partnership will be determined on a project-by-project basis.
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